Eye Exam

Comprehensive Eye Health Examinations

We have provided the highest quality glasses and eye care to Cookeville, Tennessee and the surrounding area for over forty years.

Few things are more precious to us than our sight. Most people should have a comprehensive eye health examination at least once per year. In addition to measuring your visual acuity, refraction, eye coordination and visual skills, we also take the time to thoroughly evaluate your eye health including cataract, glaucoma and retinal evaluation.

Pediatric Exam

Pediatric Examinations

At our office you will find a very child friendly environment. Children have special needs as their visual systems develop and our doctors are skilled in recognizing and treating children’s visual problems.

Ocular Disease

Ocular Disease

Our doctors are licensed by the Tennessee Division of Health Related Boards in diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease. We also have equipment in office for management of cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and many other eye diseases. If you have concerns about your eye health or are being treated for an eye disease, you can trust that our doctors will exercise great skill and care in addressing your needs.


Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation

Contact lenses can provide clear vision correction for many types of visual problems, including near and far sightedness and astigmatism. They may eliminate the need for bifocals or reading glasses. We also provide contact lens care for corneal conditions such as Keratoconus. If you are tired of wearing glasses, be sure to ask about contact lenses.

Eyewear Selection

Extensive Eyewear Selection

From the simplest prescription to the most complex we can provide you with glasses that will give you your best possible vision and comfort. Single vision, bifocal, trifocal, progressive lenses (no line bifocals), safety, prism: we will find the lenses to fit your needs. We also offer a wide variety of child and adult frames to fit your personality.

We carry Calvin Klein, Oakley, Burberry, Coach, Michael Kors, Fossil, Nike Flexon, Nine West, Vera Bradley, Laura Ashley, Elizabeth Arden, Nichole Miller, Sophia Loren, Nautica, Randy Jackson, Disney, Tori Burch brand eyewear as well as Oakley, Nike, Ray Ban, Coach, and Burberry sunwear. For the budget-minded, we also have many economical "total package" programs.



You may be asked for permission to have your eyes dilated during the course of your exam at Huddleston and Shepherd Family Vision. Many people want to know, “Do I need to have my eyes dilated?”

First of all, let's discuss the purpose of dilating eye drops. Our eyes respond to bright lights by constricting the pupil and therefore allowing less light into the eye. Dilation relaxes the muscles that are responsible for this reaction, thereby enlarging the area through which light passes.

When your doctor examines your eye, he examines all structures inside the eye including the retina, which covers the entire back surface of the eye. Dilation allows your doctor to see all structures, especially the retina, very clearly. Dilation might be compared to the difference between looking into a room though the keyhole of a door, verses looking into a room with the door open.

Patients who have their eyes dilated may relax in our separate dilation waiting room, or browse the eyewear selection while they wait.

The doctor will be happy to discuss this topic further with you during your examination.